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Packaging and Shipping


Selected compounds can be delivered in any customer format including vials, 96-well plates.

Standard packing

BioBioPha compound is packed securely in a little brown glass vial, the lid attached with sealing film, labeled the vial with product instructions. The vial is held in place by a sponge in a white inner box, with another yellow-brown carton outside, put in DHL bag.

The package contains compounds, date sheets and invoices. After opening the package, please verify that all of the contents are present. If anything is missing or in error, please contact our-sales staffs.


Shipping charges

The cost of international express varies from country to country. We will provide the expenses together with the compound quotation.

Estimate time of delivery

For products in stock, it will be 1-2 working days.

For bulk order and customized product, please refer to the lead time we stated on order confirmation.

Shipping method

For international shipments, we primarily use DHL international service for all worldwide destinations.

Depending on the country, the transit time is between 3-8 working days.

Transportation temperature

Most of our products are shipped in ambient temperature. Short term exposure to ambient temperature does not affect product quality.

For certain products sensitive to short-term exposure and requiring conditions other than ambient temperatures, we provide a special category of transport.

Once you have received the product, please follow the storage instructions on the product datasheet.

After shipping

When your order is dispatched, we will notify you by email and provide a tracking number.

Please contact us if there are any abnormal occurrences during transportation!

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